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We make better resume tools because we  understand recruitment and hiring

Want to know more about LeadUp Career? We created LeadUp Career, our all-in-one employment hub, to help you take control of your job search and find the job of your dreams. We help you create targeted resumes and cover letters and teach you how to focus your search while you take the next steps in your career.

We know alot about hiring. Our team comes directly from the hiring space. We have years of experience in recruitment in real-life business. That means you get the benefit of our many years of interviewing literally tens of thousands of candidates. We also understand business systems that work, and we’ve incorporated many of these practices into LeadUp.

With LeadUp Career, you will learn exactly what employers look for in an ideal candidate, and how to tailor your resume to stand out in that search. Learn from our experts so you can target your job search and get real results.

Roberta Mueller

Co-founder, HR Expert

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I reached out to Roberta for advice on my resume and my own career search in the recent past, and based on her guidance, I wouldn’t hesitate to do so again if I needed her help. She is skilled and accomplished in her profession, and I would highly recommend her.

Rick H
Chief Operating Officer

Leadership Team

Roberta Mueller

Co-founder, HR Expert

A founding partner of LeadUp Career, Roberta Mueller has been in the recruitment trenches for many years, sourcing and interviewing literally tens of thousands of candidates. Like many of her counterparts, she became frustrated with traditional selection processes.  These processes weren’t leading her to find the best candidates to fill the role, because the resumes submitted did a poor job of aligning the candidates’ experiences and accomplishments to the actual job.  As a result, Roberta set out to improve the process, which led to the co-creation of LeadUp Career.  LeadUp is a program that easily helps candidates build a resume that aligns their qualifications to each job, which, in turn, significantly helps recruiters find the best fit for the position. Finally, an approach that works!

Roberta is the vice president of human resources at Forthright.  She has held executive positions in several professional sectors, including insurance, business services and consulting. She served as president of a human resources consulting firm, where she provided HR solutions to companies representing a variety of industries.

Roberta holds a Master of Arts degree in human resource development from the University of St. Thomas. She is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and earned a certificate in Leadership Development from the Association for Talent Development. She is also certified in the Lominger Leadership Architect program and holds a training certificate from Development Dimensions International.


Dan Legierski

Co-founder, Executive Expert

A founding partner of LeadUp Career, Dan Legierski already had decades of experience helping individuals find and land the job they want in a timeframe that works for them. Dan has held a variety of positions in technology, finance, and operations across several different industries, including finance, utilities, business services, and technology.

In his various roles as a manager, director, VP, and CEO, Dan interviewed thousands of candidates and has valuable and practical perspectives on what a hiring manager or executive really wants in a candidate.

Dan co-created LeadUp Career because he believes that candidates should approach their job search with more focus. Specifically, candidates should target their resume to a specific job, just like a business approaches its market in a targeted way.

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