Job Search Techniques: How To Track Your Job Search


how to track job search

How are you tracking your job search progress? If your answer involves a mix of drafts in your e-mail, a variety of file folders and sticky notes on your laptop, you may be one step away from a job search disaster. Let’s dive into a few job search techniques that can make your quest for a new job more organized.

No, we’re not trying to be ominous. The reality is, a job search involves dozens – if not hundreds – of contacts, along with countless other details. Think company names, networking opportunities, job postings, application dates, scheduled interviews … the list goes on. Forgetting to follow up with just one important person or missing one job application deadline can completely derail your chances of landing your dream job. 

Without organization and goal-setting, you’re likely to spend too much time – or not enough time – each week on your job search. Both scenarios have the potential for adding days, if not months, to the hunt.

If that information alone doesn’t convince you, here are three key benefits of using a system for organizing your job search and better assist you with job search techniques:  

  1. Easily eliminate wasted time. If your information is unorganized, and your workspace cluttered, you will spend unnecessary time looking for what you need. Avoid misplacing information by using an organization system that tracks all relevant details of your job search. The system you choose should be able to track networking, applications, job opportunities, resume submittal information, task lists, and more. 
  2. A tried and true job search technique is the to-do lists. Studies show that task lists “give us structure” and can even reduce anxiety. And the more detail the better, according to time management expert David Allen, “If your to-do list isn’t clear and to the point, your tasks probably won’t get done.” Not to mention, it simply feels good to check things off of a to-list. 
  3. Scheduling tasks helps you meet goals. Consider using a system that assists you in identifying the right tasks and setting reminders that ping you to actually do them. Auto-reminders push you to do the job search tasks you really hate, like picking up the phone to discuss your job search with someone in your network. And when you do these dreaded tasks instead of procrastinating, you actually have more time for the things you really enjoy!

Don’t do it alone

When you have a system that allows you to easily document your progress and track future tasks, you eliminate wasted time from your job search. Being organized can cut time off of your job hunt, which is why many individuals looking for a new job turn to a job search CRM

Using a CRM specifically designed to help you on your job search will allow you to easily track:

  • Who you are networking with (and when you last made contact).
  • The companies you are following.
  • The jobs you are applying to.

… and more.

And above all else, it allows you to create and schedule important tasks, ensuring you don’t forget anything on your to-do list. 

Don’t underestimate the power of using a system that assists you in your job search techniques identifying the right tasks. Organizing and optimizing your job search approach will give you the tools to quickly and efficiently check the tasks necessary for landing your next opportunity. 

Bottom Line Summary:

Eliminate wasted time from your job search by using an organization system that allows you to easily document your progress and track future tasks. 

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