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Resume Builder Masterclass - Learn the Secrets - Change Your Approach

Not sure what employers are looking for, and why you're not getting a call back? We reveal important secrets that take the mystery out of how to find your next job. LeadUp's Resume Builder Masterclass will walk you step-by-step through the 5-Step Resume Approach. These easy-to-follow video lessons will lead you right into the next step of your career.

  • Complete Approach

    The Resume Builder Masterclass series of video lessons takes you through a complete approach to build both a targeted resume and cover letter. Follow these steps and succeed.

  • Created by True Experts

    LeadUp's team has counseled thousands of job seekers and hired thousands of job candidates. They know what techniques will work for you.

  • Easy To Follow

    The information in these lessons is presented in a way that is easily understood and makes sense. Our experts take a fun, hands-on approach to learning.

Resume Builder Masterclass Video Lessons

Video Course

Write a Resume That Works!

If you send out a generic resume, it will get stuck at the bottom of the recruiter's pile. Our program teaches you how to laser target both your resume and cover letter to fit the specific job that you want. Learn how to identify the keywords that will help you pass through an applicant tracking system and attract the hiring manager to want to read more. Learn what information to include and how to properly format it.

  • Resume Building Blocks

    Learn what the REAL purpose of a resume is, the different types of resumes how to build them and how LeadUp's tools will help you build a targeted resume that differentiates you from your competition.

  • The 5-Step Resume Approach

    Learn about LeadUp's groundbreaking 5-Step Resume Approach that will help you create a targeted resume that will get you hired.

  • Find Keywords Using Leadup's Job Analyzer

    Keywords are critically important to pass through an applicant tracking system. Find out how to identify and use the right keywords in your resume to stand out.

Video Course

Write a Cover Letter That Works!

Your cover letter should work for you and not against you, which can ultimately lead to a rejected resume. We teach you how to write your cover letter in a way that showcases you. You'll learn how to highlight your accomplishments related to the job and include important keywords so your cover letter gets past the technological gatekeepers and into the right hands.

  • Why a Cover Letter Is Important

    You'll learn why a cover letter is important to the hiring manager and how to write it to support your application in a positive way.

  • The Different Types of Cover Letters

    We'll teach you about the 3 most commonly used cover letters and tips for preparing each one.

Roberta helped me craft a personal branding statement that proved instrumental in landing a new role with a great firm. She helped me understand the importance of messaging, not only from a potential employer’s perspective but also for my own attitude.

Andy Gilles

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