Resume Toolkit

Build a Resume That Lands an Interview

Don't settle for an ordinary, generic resume. It's not going to land you the perfect job. LeadUp's Resume Toolkit walks you through our 5-Step Resume Approach so you can build a targeted resume and cover letter that stands out and gets you hired.

  • Masterclass

    Our Masterclass series of online video lessons will teach you how to put together a winning resume that showcases YOU in relation to the job. Your resume will stand out from the crowd.

  • Job Analyzer

    Identify and generate a list of job titles and powerful keywords that matches the requirements of the job. Use keywords to your advantage to pass through an employer's applicant tracking system.

  • Resume Questionnaire

    Enter your qualifications, experience and key accomplishments one time to use in multiple targeted resumes.

  • Resume Builder

    Select the right information from the Job Analyzer and Resume Questionnaire to help build a compelling and "targeted to the job" resume, one that brings real results.

  • Cover Letter Builder

    Draft customized cover letters that leverage your qualifications and experience targeted to the job. This will differentiate you from your competition.

You Only Have ONE SHOT To Get an Employer’s Attention with your resume- Don't Blow It!

If you are serious about your job search, think differently because a one-size-fits-all resume just doesn't work. That's why you have to abandon this 'old fashioned' approach. Use our Resume Toolkit to easily create a resume that is custom-tailored to each job, opening the doors of opportunity.

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I reached out to Roberta for advice on my resume and my own career search in the recent past, and based on her guidance, I wouldn’t hesitate to do so again if I needed her help. She is skilled and accomplished in her profession, and I would highly recommend her.

Rick H
Chief Operating Officer

LeadUp's Masterclass

Our series of video lessons will teach you how to write a resume and cover letter that will get read because they reflect what the hiring manager wants to see. Your documents will be focused on the right things, targeted to the actual job, incorporate the use of keywords and phrases and substantially increase your chances of landing an interview. These lessons include material that is easy to understand and presented in a way that makes learning fast and fun.

  • Easy-to-Follow Video Lessons
  • Learn LeadUp's 5-Step Resume Approach
  • Gain Advice and Tips From the Experts
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Job Analyzer

Impress employers by using the exact language they expect to see. Use job titles and key language from job ads and other sources to generate a list of powerful keywords to include in your resume and cover letter. This tool is key for properly targeting your resume versions to each job and passing through an employer's applicant tracking system.

  • Understand What the Company Wants
  • Find Keywords and Keyword Phrases
  • Use Keywords To Make the Targeting Process Effortless

Resume Questionnaire

How can you easily create a targeted version of your resume for every job opportunity? Use the Resume Questionnaire to enter your key information one time. Later in the Resume Builder tool you will use and compile this information to create multiple targeted resumes. It's that simple!

  • Enter Your Key Information Just Once
  • Comprehensive Tool Showcases Your Unique Identifiers
  • Generate a Perfectly Targeted Resumes

Resume Builder

We understand you don't like to waste your time. With LeadUp's online tools you won't. Once your key information is saved in the Resume Questionnaire, our Resume Builder is like an assembly line for efficiently generating custom resumes targeted to each individual job. You will select your resume type and format and include all important information customized to your job. Each resume version will be complete, impressive and properly targeted to the position.

  • Use the Resume Questionnaire To Build Your Resume
  • Include Your Qualifications Aligned to the Job
  • Insert Keywords and Keyword Phrases
  • Use Correct Formatting and Appearance

Cover Letter Builder

Never send a cover letter that doesn't align with your resume or the job. A customized cover letter will ensure your resume is actually reviewed. A resume submitted without a cover letter, or a cover letter sent that isn't customized to you or the job can give the impression you're not that interested. This tool walks you through the process of producing a clean, crisp cover letter that catches the interest of the hiring manager, making your application stand out.

  • Show Your interest in the Job
  • Showcase YOU to the Hiring Manager
  • Set Yourself Apart From Your Competition

Think Differently and Get the Job YOU Deserve

Use LeadUp's Resume Toolkit and Land That Important Interview