Job Search Tracker

"CRM for the Job Seeker"

Stay on Top of Your Job Search -
Focus on the "Right" Things

You're committed to working hard on your job search, but how can you stay organized? Effortlessly keep track of job openings, companies, key people, activities (tasks), interviews, correspondence and more. Never miss an opportunity or a deadline, or misplace key names or contact information again.

  • Stay Organized

    Enter information on jobs, companies, key people, activities, interviews and correspondence for easy accessibility.

  • Tasks Lists

    Convert important information and dates into an activity or task list to keep you focused and on track with your job search.

  • Reminders

    Follow-up with ease because of automated reminders to keep you on top of your appointments.

Stop Missing Important Deadlines

Impress employers with your follow through. Never miss an appointment again. Stay organized and you'll be on time and on schedule.

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Dan Legierski has great insight into how to approach the job market, he’ll provide valuable help in your search.

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Don't Let an Opportunity Slip Through Your Fingers

In a competitive job market you need to knock on lots of doors. Keeping track of numerous job applications is complicated. Job Search Tracker keeps key information at hand and produces task lists and reminders to keep you top of mind with hiring managers.

  • Keep on Top of Job Opportunities
  • Organize Your Network of Key People
  • Produce Task Lists To Keep You Organized
  • Export Information and Tasks to Excel
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Track Key People & Companies

Maximize your job search effectiveness by networking and tracking new and existing contacts associated with each of your job opportunities. Learn about new opportunities within companies through your contacts, giving you an inside track on new job openings.

  • Link People to Companies and Jobs
  • Put Your Network to Work for You
  • Track all Network Activities
  • Stay in Touch

Manage Your Job Search Process

A successful job search depends upon a complex network of information. Companies are linked to jobs. Key people are linked to companies and to jobs. The job application process requires submissions, appointments, deadlines, and follow-up. Job Search Tracker makes this all easy and gives you a leg up on your competition.

  • Never Miss a Deadline
  • Follow-Up Seamlessly With Your Contacts
  • Remain Focused and Stay On-Track
  • The Results Speak for Themselves

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