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The hiring process can leave you frustrated. We can help. A one-size-fits-all resume builder won't land you that perfect job. Instead, target your resume to each job using the LeadUp Career system of tools and our groundbreaking 5-Step Resume Approach.

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You are probably sending out the same generic version of your resume with each job application. We know this because nearly everyone does it. And, we know that targeted resumes are much more effective in landing interviews and job offers. Our online Masterclass lessons will effortlessly teach you our breakthrough
5-Step Resume Builder Approach. And, our complete system of online resume tools will make it easy to build a targeted resume that sells YOU to the hiring manager, separating you from your competition.

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Use LeadUp's Tools

Land the Job YOU Deserve

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    LeadUp’s Masterclass online video lessons, with integrated tips and resources, teach you how to write a resume that gets read and lands interviews.

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    Our Resume Toolkit contains a complete system of online tools that make it easy for you to build a targeted resume.

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    We help you surpass your competition by building a resume that earns more callbacks, interviews and better job offers.


Job Seekers' Launchpad - Unique Online Tools that Work

Our Job Seekers' Launchpad is new and unique, offering a complete set of application tools, online video lessons, a system of resume builder tools, comprehensive resources, a contact management system that tracks and organizes your job search and dedicated support by people that get it and really care. Spend your time and effort on tasks that really make a difference. You'll get guaranteed results - more callbacks, more interviews and better job offers.

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Resume Toolkit

Your Recipe for Success


A Targeted Resume
Makes ALL the Difference!

An effective resume is targeted. Our approach allows you to show a company exactly how you fit their requirements, using their own language! It matches job requirements, keywords used in position descriptions, and the culture of the hiring organization. It's not complicated and LeadUp's Resume Toolkit walks you step-by-step through the process of creating a targeted resume for each job. Follow LeadUp's process, build your perfect resume, and win!

  • Masterclass
  • Job Analyzer
  • Resume Questionnaire
  • Resume Builder
  • Cover Letter Builder


Even if you are completely unaware of what companies actually look for in a resume, our Masterclass online lessons will help you build a resume that works by learning what employers really want to see. Your resume will generate interest and interviews. We share our inside knowledge about what employers are looking for and what you need to do to get past the resume "gatekeepers."

After you complete our courses on “Write a Resume that Works,” and “Write a Cover Letter that Works,” you will be ready to easily build a resume and cover letter that is targeted to the job and works.


Job Seekers' Launchpad
Additional Modules

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Job Search Tracker

Our custom contact management system keeps your job search organized and focused. Companies, people, events, deadlines, and reminders are tracked to make your job search easy and more efficient.

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Your Community

Don't go it alone. LeadUp has created a job seekers’ community so you can share ideas and support and keep in touch with other job seekers and LeadUp's experts.  Stay connected and motivated and get better results.

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Resource Center

We have compiled the best job search articles, videos and other information from our team of experts, as well as the best information from other job search professionals.

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Interview Center

After your targeted resume lands you that important interview, we'll help you prepare to win the interview process. LeadUp's Interview Center gives you all the information and confidence you need to ace that interview. (Coming soon…)

A Better Resume Builder

Are you frustrated with your job search? It is certainly understandable. You haven't heard back from your job applications. You know you are the perfect fit but you don't get a chance to interview. Sound familiar? LeadUp's innovative method, including our breakthrough 5-Step Resume Approach, takes away the frustration because it focuses your efforts on creating an effective, targeted resume and efficient and effective job search activities.

Rely on the Experts

The LeadUp Career Job Seekers' Launchpad was designed by a team of experienced human resources and business professionals. Together we have interviewed tens of thousands of job candidates, reviewed even more resumes, and coached thousands of job seekers.  We understand what employers want to see on a resume and how to get a resume into the hands of the hiring manager.   Our program will help you quickly and easily create a resume that is targeted to each job for which you apply.  Our program is simple to follow and highly effective.

I've worked with Dan many times and if there's one thing I've learned in doing so, it's if you work with him on your job search you will get results.

Matt Bickett
Business Owner

Roberta Mueller is a true thought leader in the field of talent acquisition. She knows what employers are looking for when they review resumes. If you are looking for the right job, I highly recommend working with Roberta.

Mike Kelly

Roberta helped me craft a personal branding statement that proved instrumental in landing a new role with a great firm. She helped me understand the importance of messaging, not only from a potential employer’s perspective but also for my own attitude.

Andy Gilles
COO & CFO, Padmanabhan & Dawson, PLLC

I reached out to Roberta for advice on my resume and my own career search in the recent past, and based on her guidance, I wouldn’t hesitate to do so again if I needed her help. She is skilled and accomplished in her profession, and I would highly recommend her.

Rick H
Chief Operations Officer

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